March 13, 2012

Greta Constantine & Elle Canada

Last week I won a contest on Twitter to sit with ELLE Canada and watch the Fall 2012 Greta Constantine show at the Arcadian Loft in Toronto.

When I found out that I won, I felt a twinge of panic.

While I've been to fashion shows in the past, this time I was going to be sitting front row with professional editorial people. Cue a cliched pop culture reference to Anne Hathaway and her hideous skirt convention. 

Beyond my nerves, I was excited. I met Alannah from ELLE at the event and I no longer felt out of place. Let it be known that she is the friendliest, most down-to-earth, anti-mean girl fashion editor on the planet. 

The Fall 2012 Greta Constantine show didn't disappoint with its collection of crystallized gloves, wide cinched leather belts, exposed backs and slinky, draped dresses. I especially liked the one-piece monochromatic jumpsuits and strategically placed chunky knits that were never frumpy.

At the end of the show we went to backstage mayhem where I was introduced to Kirk and Stephen as "the girl who won the contest" and boy did my face turn red. So thank you ELLE Canada, Greta Constantine and Alannah, I'm ready for my next show!

See below for my photos from the front row. [Credit below: myself, Above credit: Stoli Canada, Jalani Morgan] 


  1. In love with that black jumpsuit! You look like you fight right in, silly of you to worry!

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