March 27, 2012

The Debbie Downer Diet

This is my life according to instagram.

Instagram, a photo sharing app for the I-phone, is creative in how it uses filters to haze out the bad while leaving a better version of everything from your puppy to your plate of pasta. Don't you wish your entire life was seen through these filters?

Last weekend I attended a funeral for my mother's good friend who passed away from cancer at the startling age of 35. When I heard the news, I was delivered a large dose of perspective, the kind that is shoved down one's throat instead of taken in small, prescriptive doses. It is hard to make sense of tragedy, especially when it hits close to home.

I decided to focus on one thing this week: less complaining. It's a conscious effort to channel the mind to only appreciate the good things, no matter how insignificantly superficial (like a shiny pair of shoes) or heartrendingly important (like my beautiful family) it is all part of the life that I get to build everyday. Why waste energy bemoaning the little inconveniences? 

So instead of cutting carbs, cut the complaining. You won't miss a thing.