February 26, 2012

Not A Model mantra - The reminder

When was the last time you checked in with yourself to find out what drives you forward?

For me, it took a week away from my daily routine to remind myself. Spending time with my family, writing, reading, listening to music, submerging myself in salt water and letting the sunshine kiss my skin are all little things that bring me the most happiness. While I can't always escape on a vacation on a weekly basis, sometimes all it takes is some reflection before a big week to really connect with yourself and think of the moments when you feel most at ease.

As I prepare to get back to the daily grind, I read this to remind me. Enjoy!

"Whatever makes you happy, makes you laugh, drives you, matters to you, motivates you, brings out the best in you, comforts you, elevates you, strengthens you or supports you, keep your mind on it, open your heart and soul and embrace it, never lose sight of it, always nurture and dwell on it." - Shadonna Richards from Think Happy and Be Happy