February 9, 2012

Looking for some PINspiration?

It seems that I've succumbed to the Pinterest obsession.

I know, I'm late to the party. It all started with my cousin and sister and their obsession, then it was the app, then it was an invite to an account for PR purposes and now I'm a professional "pinner" as I like to call it. Pinterest is all about inspiration. For those who are also late to the party, Pinterest is an online pinboard that lets you collect things that you like/desire/covet and then share with other people. There are tons of categories, from travel to fashion to photography to name a few.

It's kind of like eating candy. There is a quick "sugar" high from the immense amount of scrolling and clicking and then pinning. It's a weird little rush to see all these pretty things in so many different categories and boards. It can leave one feeling inspired, or sometimes a bit tired.

An indulgent browse through Pinterest can be all Ryan Gosling, closets the size of kitchens, frosted cupcakes with impossibly charming mini-cupcakes on top, gooey macaroni and cheese lasagna, and Paris - in every way, shape and form that Paris can be represented. Oh, and balloons - bunches and bunches of balloons on balconies, in you guessed it, Paris.

This type of overload can then lead to:
  • Ryan Gosling is not who I wake up beside in the morning, my entire bedroom is the size of that closet - oh, and I haven't unpacked that box under my desk that's under a pile of books and I've lived here for 10 months; I want to eat that macaroni and cheese lasagna but still look like the girl carrying those balloons, while also eating a cupcake in Paris. Wait...
While I still love Pinterest, I think that sometimes it's okay to look around at your own life and realize that not everything is pretty and perfect and "pin" worthy.  Sometimes it's good to take your eyes off the screen and find something beautiful in your everyday.

While it's still winter, I find some daily inspiration in the sunshine. The mornings are bright and blinding and my walk to work is that much easier. Sure this isn't Paris, I'm not currently eating a cupcake and I will never have an organized closet, but the best part of this inspiration is... it's mine.

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