February 12, 2012

I wear bright pants. I am a writer.

I admire fashion bloggers.

I applaud those creative souls who post endless photos of themselves looking put together and polished on a daily basis. I can't seem to do that. I'll admit that I like to hide behind my words. I feel more comfortable sharing my thoughts more frequently than my face.

However, when your best friend is a photographer you learn to get used to the other side. I like looking at photos as a guide to my life at a particular moment in time. I can look at one image and instantly remember how I was feeling. These days (as my pinterest post explained) we are inundated with images. We're a visual culture feeding off photos rather than words. I wonder how many people have already scrolled down this post to the photos instead of reading it?

For this shoot, I put on the brightest pants I own. A bright piece of anything, whether it be on your legs or lips can instantly boost your mood and give you confidence. I find every little bit helps.

Yes, I am a writer - but now and then it's okay to show the person behind the pen.

Enjoy! Cred: Stef Sgams


  1. 1. I read the post before looking at the pictures
    2. You look amazing!
    3. Feet! (you know what I am thinking lol)

  2. Great post! The photos are beautiful, too. While I agree that we often gravitate towards images, I truly believe it's your writing that keeps people coming back to your blog, Amanda. That's certainly why I'm here!