January 22, 2012

Sunday Sound - Not A Model Contributor post

Looking for some new music? One of my favourite contributors Bronte gives us her lowdown on what to listen to on a Sunday afternoon. As per her post - I'm usually the one who can't peel herself from under the comforter. Gotta love the weekend. Enjoy xo

By: Bronte Martin

Where one is situated on a Sunday morning can tell a lot about their personality.

Are you someone to be curled up with a good book and a steaming cup of Saigon Chai? Or would you be out on an early morning stroll with someone who matters the most? I’m sure there’s someone out there who is simply unable to peel yourself out from under that heavenly comforter. You might possibly (or quite probably) be suffering from a minor headache at this time, and the only thing that beats a tall glass of water and extra-strength Advil is music.

With 2012 fully in stow, January is a great month to see (or hear) things in a new light. I have always dedicated my Sunday mornings to hunting down new music in quite an obsessive fashion. On such occasions, I tend to gravitate towards light-hearted acoustics and powerful yet raw vocals. You could either be giving up on my musical taste right at this moment (yes, I’m talking to you head-bangers), or be intrigued, but please, give me a chance.

Here are six recommendations that could act as an addition (or establishment) of your 2012 iTunes “Sunday Sound” play list. You may find yourself completely relaxed, bobbing your head in approval or shutting down your computer after the sound of the first bridge, but hey, at least you gave it a try.

1. Rising – Lhasa De Sela
Hoarse yet delicate, Lhasa De Sela’s voice is undeniably unique. As one of the biggest inspirations of my favourite singer Patrick Watson, I am just as big of a fan of Lhasa as he is. As a little taste of her musical abilities, take this in.

2. Somebody That I Used To Know – Gotye ft. Kimbra
Recently surfacing, Gotye nails this catchy happy-go-lucky tune with quirky riffs and steady vocals. The lyrics are (almost) too easily applicable to just about everyone’s life (at some point or other) and the contrast between his and Kimbra’s voice is brilliant. Mark my words; you won’t be able to keep this out of your head.

3. Sit Down Beside Me – Patrick Watson
I don’t think it’s physically possible to put into words how much I recommend Patrick Watson as a Sunday morning listen. Better yet, all day, everyday, no matter the hour or caliber of ringing ears. His voice is pure honey complimented by the acoustics of The Wooden Arms (who he regularly collaborates with). You could say this is a musical match made in heaven. Seeing him in concert, up close and personal? All the better.

4. Civilian – Wye Oak
Emotion, emotion, emotion. Oh, and awesome guitar riffs. That basically sums up what you’re about to be surrounded by, with a hint of genius. Think a toned down version of The Silversun Pickups. Enjoy.

5. Drops in the River – Fleet Foxes
If you think you’ve heard harmony, think again. Fleet Foxes redefine this very notion with a sense of effortlessness leaving their listeners in paralysis. Folk, blues, acoustic, indie or are they baroque pop? Decide for yourself what is best suited. I’m warning you, it’s hard to put their sound into words, let alone label it.

6. You Already Know – Bombay Bicycle Club
Finishing off with the mellowest of all. Listening to BBC is always a spirit lifter. Simplistic yet upbeat, the London-based band proves that going back to basics doesn’t always have to be, well, basic. This is most definitely their least “dancey” of the lot, but as a listener, you’ve got a whole spectrum to choose from. It’s like one stop shopping with these guys.

Wanting more? Well maybe take advice from the procrastinator herself and spend YOUR Sunday morning behind a computer screen. In the wise words of Anna Wintour AKA Meryl Streep, that is all.


  1. Thanks for this! I'd never heard of Wye Oak before, but I'm really liking their sound!

  2. Glad you like them as much as I do! Their sound is definitely unique.