January 3, 2012

Brooklyn Bridging

This time I would see the Brooklyn Bridge.

Although I've been to New York four times prior, I realized that I've never seen this famous attraction. On my latest trip (lucky #5), I vowed to make it there. Despite a delayed flight, (see post below) I arrived in Brooklyn on Saturday morning and celebrated New Years Eve with a great group of friends. On my final day, and with just a couple of hours before my flight home, my wish was fulfilled.

While some tourist attractions leave me agitated, or underwhelmed (*cough cough Times Square) I really enjoyed this stop. There is something calming about walking on a structure that represents a city's history, its mobility and its connection to itself. On this trip I felt part of something, part of New York.

I know I'm a Canadian city girl at heart, but New York seems to have made its way into that beating organ in my chest. It felt good to scratch something small off my "to-see" list.

This year, make your own list and vow to see something new in 2012.

Below are some photos I took while there. Enjoy!