December 21, 2011

Not A Model Contributor Recipe - Red Velvet Whoopie Pies

When Miss. Katie Mills told me she had something to give me, I knew it had to be delicious. I've been following her blog since we both were in PR school, and I love how it's evolved to incorporate food. When she applied to be part of my writing squad I was more than happy to bring her on-board.

Below is her take on red velvet whoopie pies. I give them the Not A Model seal of amazingness.

Enjoy! xx


We all know that red velvet is currently the dessert flavour of the moment and if you haven't tried it at least once, well... what are you waiting for? The holiday season is one of the few times a year you can feel guiltless about baking and eating hoardes of cookies, so naturally I had to make at least one batch before the year was out. I found this recipe for red velvet sandwich cookies and I was hook, line and sinker. The cookies are basically mini cakes (if you can handle that). Also, CREAM CHEESE ICING. Enough said. It's a bit of a time consuming project but it was definitely an experiment worth trying. I ended up doubling the cookie recipe and cutting the icing recipe in half, and the quantities were perfect. Consensus: one flavourful, delicious cookie. I'll be riding this sugar high all the way to New Years...



  1. My sister LOVES red velvet! Maybe I'll try to make these for her as a housewarming gift :) Thanks for the recipe!

  2. Yes Vanessa I would highly recommend you do. I had the intention of giving most away (I can only handle so many desserts in my house) but after tasting them I'm having a hard time giving them up! They are that awesome.

    So glad you enjoyed them Amanda!

  3. Soo yummy! I just made red velvet cake pops... equally delicious!

  4. Those look amazing! Thanks for sharing.