December 4, 2011

Live in Love - Not A Model Mantra

I've always been one to favour elderly advice.

If I could pick one person to sit down and have lunch with me, it would be my late grandfather, Joe. There was something about his patience and wisdom that always brought the greatest clarity to me.

This week's Not A Model mantra comes from seventy-nine year old designer Oscar de la Renta as he discusses his new fragrance "Live in Love." I personally admire his choice to use an illustration for the fragrance's image, rather than a supermodel. (See photo above).

He explains, "When I create and sell a fragrance, I'm not trying to say that [the women who buy it] should look like Jennifer Lopez. I think that a woman should have an identity of her own!"
cred: [National Post]

While reading a recent article about the fragrance, he also seemed to provide insight on life in a way that only someone who has lived it, can.

 “There’s a day when you are born into this world, and there’s a day when you will die. So you must realize that everything in between should be celebrated—you must 'Live in Love,' whether that love is in your work, or your children, or your gardens—whatever that may be, [...] In general, I hate celebrations, because every day is really a celebration, no?”- Oscar de la Renta [credit: Vanity Fair]

This week, take a note from de la Renta. With the most joyous holiday of the year coming up, let's not wait until then to appreciate the days.


  1. Live in love! Love that.
    Nonno was such a wise man!

  2. So adorable. Great post, Amanda!

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