December 20, 2011

Lip Service - The Kit

If there was ever a season to pay attention to your lips, this is it. Below is my latest for The Kit. Enjoy! 

With biting winter winds, bottomless glasses of merlot and warm embraces under the mistletoe, the lips have it rougher during the holidays. Just in time for a lip resolution, protect that pucker from more than Aunt Mildred’s prickly upper lip.

The Defender: Try Jack Black’s Intense Therapy Lipbalm. This male-branded balm keeps lips hydrated in extreme conditions and is filled with antioxidants to smooth the skin. With an impressive SPF 25, this balm will soothe and protect even the toughest chap. Available at Sephora or Holt Renfrew.

The “I’ll have another glass of red” lipstick: Don’t feel bad about guzzling another glass of Merlot. Fake a whiter smile with a red lipstick that has blue undertones to bring out the dazzle in your teeth. Try the best-selling M.A.C lipstick in Russian Red for a wine-proof worthy tube.

The Scrub-In: When you want to give your lips that extra bit of love around Old Man Winter, try Lush’s Lip scrub in Pow Wow. This exfoliating scrub (under $10) features popping candy for a delicious treat. With organic jojoba oil and organic rose hip oil, the treatment will soothe even the sorest of mouths


  1. I have so many tubes of Russian Red lipstick... that is the dance recital colour! haha don't even tell me that colour is fashionable now!

  2. How nice these makeup accessorise specially this lip stick wonderful .