December 6, 2011

Lady is a Vamp - Not A Model Contributor Post

By - Cat Veitch

I love a good pair of red lips.

As a makeup artist, perfecting the red lip is a task more daunting than one would think. It was something I struggled with in the early stages of makeup school, but something I set out to conquer by the end of the year.

In my personal life, I’m that girl constantly trying to bring lipstick “back”. Lipstick’s cool, right? Don’t get me wrong, I love a good gloss, but nothing completes a look for me like fire engine red lips.

It doesn’t end there, though. Give me burgundy, coral, cherry red, I love them all…and I will try to rock them at one event or another. The only problem is I’m the worst lipstick wearer known to man (or woman). I can’t even count the number of photos I own of me at a club, so thrilled, yet so unaware of my lipstick-laden teeth.

With winter 2012 around the corner, I couldn’t help but notice one of the winter makeup trends: vampy lips. Designers hit the runways with a wide spectrum of shades, from orange reds to purple reds, complimenting the usual flawless model complexion.

In celebration, I’d like to introduce you to my favourite lipstick colour, not just for this winter, for always: Rimmel London Moisture Renew in Burgundy Delight. It’s a gorgeous dark blood red colour, and definitely not for the feint of heart, but if you’ve got the confidence you can rock it. It’s a shade more suited to fall/winter, but if you love it like me, you’ll wear it winter, summer, day, night, on your teeth or off (hopefully off). I always get a comment or two when I wear it, and it’s a hit with my makeup clients, too.

You don’t have to jump on the burgundy bandwagon, but this season I challenge you to push your boundaries and rock some red. Whether you’re going to a party or window-shopping around town, have some fun with your look. Throw on a cozy scarf, slick some colour on those lips, and ring in this season with a little flirty fun.


  1. I love red but I always feel like I'm transforming into my 16 year self getting ready for my dance recital when I put it on. Darker red may be the way to go! Thanks!

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  3. No problem, Christina! I hope you do try the darker red. It's a bold look, but I've converted a lot of non-believers haha! Bright red can definitely give off a dance recital vibe, but I always find the darker red much more sophisticated. It's especially lovely if you're pale like me ;) Have fun with it - the best part about makeup is it's easily washed never know until you try!

  4. Wow!!! This is absolutely stunning. Thanks for sharing .