November 16, 2011

Sunday Strolls - Not A Model Shoot

We're back! It's been quite a significant amount of time since Stef and I did one of our classic Not A Model photo shoots. We've both been busy, and for most of October Stef was on an adventure travelling around Italy.

While three weeks isn't a devastating amount of time for a friend to be gone, I couldn't wait for her to return. When I moved to Toronto this summer, my support system took a minor blow. While I have a great social network in the city, the people that I grew up with are no longer around the corner, or down the street. Stef was one of the first people to leave our Italian suburbia and move out on her own. When I'm having a rough day, I know that I can call her up, or stop by her restaurant (my personal version of Cheers) and sit at the bar. She listens. She gets it. She doesn't judge. It's that simple.

For this shoot, we decided to use our Sunday hang as a chance to photograph some new stuff. When walking down the street in all-bright-everything, I realized how many people wear black and grey all the time (myself included). Sometimes it's nice to inject some colour into the world.

It's all about recharging with the simple things: your favourite sweater, your favourite friend, an easy conversation; the rest can be solved with a cup of coffee.

For now.


  1. Love these pics! Very pretty!! And I like the accessories too....

  2. That's your typical sipping tea face. Speaking of face, I miss yours!!!

  3. I agree with Mel and Laura. However, I disagree with your support system "taking a blow". We still support, just from a distance!

  4. Love your blog!!

    I have a youtube fashion channel and would love for you to check it out

  5. love your style! nice blog <3