November 13, 2011

Some women stare at supermodels when they run on the treadmill, I prefer Mindy Kaling.

This past Saturday, (as I peeled myself off the couch from watching While You Were Sleeping - note: how can anyone resist 90s Sandra Bullock romantic comedies?) I put on my runners and went to the gym. I brought the latest issue of TIME magazine and flipped to the article I've been meaning to read all week.

I downloaded a preview of Mindy Kaling's new book "Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?" on my Kindle after noticing many articles on her. Not only is she a writer (The Office), an author and an actress..she is Not A Model role-model worthy! (Try saying that 5 times fast).

You see, Mindy didn't have to sleep her way to the top. She didn't become a reality television star or have a circus wedding to induce success (cc: Kim Kardashian). Her parents don't work in Hollywood. She's not discussing the 7 ways to looks thinner, or younger. She's smart and funny and successful. She's proof that if you work hard at something that you love, you can succeed in an industry that may not be the most friendly.

Her story resonates with me far more than the desire to look like the woman on the cover of a health magazine with a 6-pack and shiny, straight, "I just got out of the shower and it dries like this" hair. So I kept my magazine on this page while I ran. I realize that I too want to be a successful writer and that is a healthy dream I can run towards (pun intended). 

This week, Not A Model says: Focus on a role model that you admire. Be creative. Think about the person you want to become and look for people who have paved the way.

Who knows, you may be on the next glossy page that someone is running on a treadmill to.


  1. I agree. If you work hard and want something bad enough, you will get to where you want to be.

  2. While You Were Sleeping also has Peter Gallagher (aka Sandy Cohen)... what a legend!

  3. I've been meaning to download this on my Kobo! She rocks.