November 28, 2011

Meet The Not A Model Squad!!

Notice a new tab up above?

After putting out my plea for contributors, I received a surprisingly amazing response. (I'm the type of girl who will send out 100 party invitations and be genuinely surprised when 99 people attend). It's been a longer process than imagined, but I officially have a new Not A Model team of amazing girls.

It's great to have new talent on-board that are passionate about writing, blogging and communication. The squad is diverse, with all of them bringing different angles and perspectives to interesting topics. From a talented make-up artist, to a New Brunswick native who comes from a military family - I hope you will enjoy engaging with these new voices.

Here at Not A Model, I strive to create a message - (both online and in my everyday life) that focuses on contributing to the world in a positive way, no matter how small. It takes nothing to brighten someone's day while sharing your passion, whether it be for fashion, beauty, health or life. I'm so excited to start this new angle to the blog.

Without further delay, click below and...