November 23, 2011

The Kit - Fragrance Foe

Here we have another one of my beauty posts for The Kit.  This time, it's a sultry little move for your hair, and my disdain for fragrance. Enjoy. xx

I’m going to share a small secret: I love to wear perfume in my hair.

Now I’m not sure how many women spritz fragrance in their mane, but it is my favourite trick. It’s a subtle little move that keeps your hair smelling irresistible to all those lucky people who happen to be around you that day.

Now here is the issue: I STRONGLY dislike perfume, especially perfume done wrong.

I hate walking into an elevator in the morning and having to wear a gas mask (oh wait, I don’t own one of those). Let’s try that again: I repeat, I hate walking into an elevator in the morning and not being able to breathe because someone decided to douse their entire body in perfume. (This goes for men too.) The key word is subtle. One spray, mayyybe two.

I even hate the perfume section of the department store and will cower from the trigger-happy spritzers who want to share their samples with me. Runnnnnnnnnnn!

Just when I was ready to go as “scent-free” as a kindergarten teacher, I discovered Lanvanila. Lavanila (available at Sephora) is a light, almost natural perfume made with pure essential oils, vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

Say what? I know. The fragrance is also made without parabens, sulfates and even synthetic dyes. My personal favourite for my body and hair is  Lavanila Pure Vanilla. With notes of freesia and patchouli, it won’t leave you smelling like a cupcake.


  1. The only thing worse than the overwhelming smell of perfume is the overwhelming smell of smoke... or a combination of the two!

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