November 10, 2011

How I Look After A Work Day...

At the end of a work day, I like to avoid reflective surfaces. I know that when I decide to take a glance, the following things will stare back at me:

  • There will be mascara underneath my eyes, as if I've been dancing in a sweaty nightclub, or had my face buried in a mushy pillow all day. The whites of my eyes will be bloodshot, as if a miniature teacher has scribbled her red pen edits on a blank page. 
  • If my hair was worn in a bun, it is now frizzing out, and any pin that was securing something, is now probably somewhere on my office floor. (The hazard of things flinging out of my hair without my knowledge is very high). If my hair was down, it's probably up anyways.
  • My outfit will be wrinkled in creases I didn't even know existed. I will start to panic when I realize that I'm not wearing any jewelry. The fear will subside when I remember that my rings, bracelets, and/or earrings are probably buried under a stack of paper, as I can't seem to keep anything on for an entire day.
  • I will curse myself for not bringing an emergency make-up kit, especially if I have to meet someone after. I've never been someone to carry more than lipgloss and (maybe floss) in my purse. I don't reapply concealer. I don't add blush. I don't carry hairspray. This is it. Whatever was put on in the morning has evaporated. I'll pinch my cheeks and hope my next destination has bad lighting. My rationale is that I could try and glop on some additional makeup (if I had some) but it's just like adding ketchup to burnt chicken, underneath it's still burnt.

You see, I prefer my reflection right after I wash my face.

It's like pressing a refresh button. I'm completely bare. There is nothing to hide. There is nothing to fix. The day is over and I'm ready to participate in my favourite weeknight activity:

  • Sleep.
Happy Weekend Not A Model readers!


  1. haha your hair is a hazard. When I read that I just pictured bobby pins projecting out from your head haha