October 18, 2011

Not A Wedding Photographer - Kiel & Carly

This past weekend I attended the wedding of Kiel and Carly at a scenic little winery in Niagara called Vineland Estates.

This was my first non-Italian, non-traditional, non-banquet hall wedding and I was excited. I met Kiel (exactly a year ago) when we both were starting out at our PR agency. I remember when we had to drive up to Niagara Falls together for a work event, barely knowing each other in my second week on the job. He told me all about his amazing and smart fiancee Carly, and a year later (we were not only great friends) but I was attending their wedding. Along with my two other great co-workers friends, (Kathleen and Navi) we road-tripped it up to Vineland for the big event.

My favourite unique touch was the bride walking down the aisle to Cat Power's Sea of Love, and I also enjoyed the wine tasting before dinner. Carly looked gorgeous, and was one of the most relaxed brides I'd ever seen, while Kiel looked dapper in his trademark plaid and bow-tie. (He wears plaid everyday). We all had a great time and I was honoured to be one of their chosen guests.

Congratulations to them both! Below are some photos. Enjoy. xx


  1. So cute!
    Looks like it was a beautiful location!

  2. Thanks for posting these, Amanda. It's not often you see a headless Kiel.

    Looks like a beautiful event and these are great photos!