October 24, 2011

Cougar Boots & Monday's Mantra

Before the snow hits, we all start looking for the fashion necessities. We start to think about durability, warmth and comfort, hopefully without sacrificing our style sense.

I was approached to review a pair of Cougar Boots for the upcoming winter season. My choice was the Marla boot. (See left)

I didn't know how I would feel about an industrial style boot with a rubber heel, but I really love these boots. I enjoy the rugged look and the heel actually softens them up a bit. They're also super warm (they can withstand -20 degree weather to be exact) and the polar plush lining is soft like a teddy bear. 

Beyond my affinity for the boot, I really like their editorial photos and the video for their iconic pillow boot. You can check out their website here for more information, pricing and photos.

Lastly, for this week's Not A Model mantra, I enjoy the Cougar Boot motto. See below. Happy Monday!


  1. Cougar boots have definitely come a long way since when we wore them as kids. I kind of like the Pillow boot!

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