October 31, 2011

The Business Trip - Not A Model Travel Diaries New York

The formula is simple: solo business trip = career adulthood.

As I mentioned, last week I went to New York City for a PR related work event. I was so excited to have the opportunity to attend and a bit nervous to head out on my own. Once I checked into my hotel (adult feeling #1 - a whole room to my lonesome?!) the thought of dinner loomed over my head. My stomach said, "Feed me NOW" while my mind said, "How lame is it that you are going to eat alone in New York City?"

Not A Model Confession: I've never eaten dinner alone before.

Sure, I've had a quick lunch at the mall or sat at a cafe while listening to music and reading a magazine, but never in a real restaurant, at night. So I hit the streets. I had no destination in mind and I wasn't going to be caught with a touristy map. I walked, and walked until I saw this beautiful park. It was already pretty dark out and all I could hear was my mother's voice in my head, "Amanda, never go into parks by yourself at night."

However, this park had chairs, tables and pretty white lights (I'm obsessed with any type of light bulb on a string) and I was curious. I walked in and discovered...The Shake Shack, a hamburger and milkshake restaurant stand. While this is probably a cop-out for eating alone, (since it was outside and in a park) it was good enough for me. I ordered a deep fried Portobello mushroom burger (that with one bite, exploded with warm cheesy delicious goo) and topped it off with a classic chocolate milkshake. After dinner, I went to a 24 hour hair and nail spa where I got a purple manicure and then went home to get a good night's sleep for the next morning.

All in all, the work event went really well and once it was over I had the rest of the weekend to myself. I set out early the next day to treat myself to some shopping in Soho (my favourite go-to spot) and embraced my inner Felicity, with a stop at Dean & Deluca. Afterward, it was off to meet my friends in Brooklyn. (More on that to come).

Below you will find some photos. Enjoy! xx 
[The Hotel]
[Reflective State]


[Pretending I'm Felicity - Dean & Deluca, almond latte & poppyseed muffin]
[Purple Rain Nails]

[The Shake Shack in Madison Square Park)
[Amanda to cab driver: "Do you mind if I roll down the windows to take photos?"]


  1. Love the pictures! Congratulations on your first solo/working girl trip! Can't wait to hear about the rest of your trip!


    Shake Shack from Something Borrowed!!

  3. I had my first solo biz trip in Sept and shared your exact feelings! Eating by myself is a restaurant wasn't so bad though because I had a friendly waitress who came to talk with me :)

  4. Love the Felicity reference! haha