September 27, 2011

Slaying Dragons

While flipping through Holt Renfrew's Fall style guide, I came across the caption, "I want the fairytale" and it made me think. 

The woman standing on the page, drenched in Elie Tahari looks nothing like Cinderella. With her slicked back bun, tweed pencil skirt and black leather gloves resting on her hip, she appears like she hasn't waited for anything a day in her life, let alone some guy named Prince Charming.

The whole idea of a fairytale is subjective, despite what rom-coms, books and those 2-D cartoons (that I used to watch 300 times over) used to tell us. Your fairytale can be anything. It doesn't have to involve a white horse, or even a white dress for that matter. You must design your own story. Create a different happy ending. Have the confidence to choose the unpopular or scary path. Slay your own dragons. Be the heroine of your own life.

Whatever your fairytale is: own it, earn it, live it.