September 15, 2011

Dark circles & Ms. Middleton - The Kit

Looking for a bright-eyed cure for those dark circles?

My second installment for The Kit focuses on how to perk up those peepers, with inspiration from "the beauty wars" as I like to call them, between Ms. Middleton and designer Vivienne Westwood.

"In the beauty wars, Kate Middleton’s use of eyeliner was recently criticized by Vivienne Westwood. While I disagree with Westwood (Middleton’s eyes are like celery hued orbs dipped in chocolate, if that ever tasted good), I’m personally not a fan of dark liner, especially if you have dark circles.

I work in PR and while that may stand for public relations, it can also stand for purple rings…under my eyes. Long days and longer nights can bring out those dark hues that rival even the greatest plate of eggplant parmigiana..."

Sounds familiar? Looking for a solution? Read my full post at The Kit HERE.

Lastly, thank you to everyone who's been so kind over the past week with their messages and notes. Not A Model thanks you. xx


  1. Don't always understand your columns (because of the gender, and all) but I'll read anything about Kate Middleton.
    Got any Pippa?

  2. If I have purple rings under my eyes you better inform me immediately lol

  3. I quite the look and am very fond of the dark eye makes the look so bright and fascinating...I prefer the soft charcoal look to the hard liner though...using a concealer effectively does help.