September 27, 2011

50 Years Young

I want to wish my Dad and his twin brother (Zio Renzo) a happy 50th birthday today. As best friends and brothers, they have always been inseparable and in turn I grew up in a family of eight, instead of just four. As their wives also grew to become best friends, my cousins have always been like extended siblings. They are both the most intelligent, hilarious and vibrant pair of twins you'll ever meet. As I write this, my entire family is in my kitchen celebrating with cake, champagne and good cheer.

Technically, since they're twins, we can combine the years for a happy 100, but for now let's say here's to 50 more. Love you both. xx


  1. u must have had a great support team hovering over your shoulder during this post! Snipping tool SNIP SNIP!!:p

  2. HOW IS YOUR DAD 50???
    My dad was fifty when I was ten. That's so nuts!!
    Happy day xo