August 21, 2011

Not A Model Travel Diaries - Santa Monica

Welcome to Santa Monica!

After Los Angeles, we headed down to Santa Monica for the remainder of the trip. Loews (our hotel) overlooked and rested right across from the world famous Santa Monica Pier and muscle beach. Who doesn't love colourful Ferris wheels and carnival rides? The beach was full of people working out, relaxing or heading to the pier for some treats and fun.

Another favourite spot of ours was downtown Santa Monica, particularly Third Street Promenade. While I usually like to balance out any shopping time on vacation, (who wants to spend time indoors?) the promenade was a beautiful outdoor shopping oasis with restaurants, stores and gorgeous greenery. Cue the palm trees and the credit card.

Since we're on the topic of shopping, lately I'm obsessed with bracelets. I love to stack them up and mix and match, until my arm feels heavy and well, happy. I picked up some great bracelets in California, with proceeds going to two different charitable organizations. Post-vacation, I came across this article on Refinery29, and it pretty much solidified that I'm not alone in my obsessive arm decor ways.

All in all, I loved Santa Monica and will definitely try and find my way back there one day. As per usual, below are some photos. Enjoy!

Next up: Beach hopping!