August 23, 2011

Not A Model Travel Diaries - Beach Hopping - California

I want to live on a beach.

I write this sentence and it implies that sea salt runs through my veins or something. Yet, I'm not a strong swimmer, I'm deathly afraid of sharks, I get sea-sick on boats, I'm squeamish around fish, I would never go scuba diving, I believe in sea monsters.. and the list goes on.

However, there is something about living close to the ocean that really speaks to me. Perhaps, it's the idea of waking up next to something that is greater than I am. Sure, I wake up next to skyscrapers that encase me in the clouds and yes, I feel small. The ocean isn't about feeling small but instead about feeling a part of something. If I lived by the ocean, I'd toss my fears, hopes, complaints, dreams and ideas into it everyday and move on.

During the beach hopping portion of the vacation, we stopped at Venice beach, Manhattan beach, Huntington beach, Malibu beach and Zuma beach. I loved every single sandy one.

Enjoy the last batch of photos from my travel diaries! Hope you liked my recap of California.



  1. Your pictures look amazing! I am so impressed! These beaches look amazing!

  2. Oh man those fish tacos look to die for..
    Great pics miss!


  3. but the question is...which beach was your favourite?? :p

  4. Thanks for the comments!

    Julia - it's hard to say, but I especially loved Huntington beach and Terrenea.