August 30, 2011

Culture Talk - TIFF Fellini "Spectacular Obsessions" Exhibit

Welcome to La Dolce Vita.

When my favourite partner-in-crime Daniel invited me to the opening night of the Fellini "Spectacular Obsessions" exhibit, I immediately said yes. It was soon after that I realized that I've never seen a Fellini film. Federico Fellini was one of the most influential Italian film directors of the 20th century. What kind of Italian was I?

Thankfully, the night started off with a crash course. I sat in a dark theatre while an orchestra played music to famous Fellini films. The music swelled and I watched wide-eyed as I voraciously read the subtitles and tried to absorb. Fellini is all about the spectacle: paparazzi, culture wars, excessive love. While watching clips from La Dolce Vita, I wondered what it would be like to be Sylvia and wade in the Trevi fountain like a goddess. 

After the films we munched on Italian themed appetizers and drank rich, red wine. I particularly loved the mini bowls of mushroom risotto with truffle oil. (I'd eat cardboard if it was doused in truffle oil.) Finally, we played around with Venetian masks, threw a coin in the faux Trevi fountain and dressed up on a Vespa.

Yes, life is good.

The exhibit runs at the TIFF Bell Lightbox in Toronto until September 18th. 


  1. The last picture is the absolute best one!

  2. you look soooo good!! and it looks like fun
    Love Daniel too

  3. your hair is AMAZING! You look stunning as usual