July 8, 2011

Meet me in Montreal

The last time I went to Montreal, I was 18 years old and the most important aspect of the city was its legal drinking age. Let's just say I spent my time soaking up alcohol instead of scenery.

This past long weekend, I decided to give the city another shot. I jumped on a bus with my roommate to visit her sister who goes to McGill university. This time around, my recap of the city was quite more well rounded than my last adventure.

Rula lives in a charming apartment that is three times the size of my place in Toronto, and about 1/3 of the rent. I also found it interesting that some of the items in her place were left there by previous owners (giant posters of Marilyn Monroe and Bob Marley; a beautiful clock), which apparently is a custom in Montreal.

Montreal reminds me of Europe, although it doesn't have to be as grand. The city seems to ooze out a bit of romance with every portion of poutine. (That's a lot of romance people.) I enjoyed the uneven cobblestone roads, the charcuterie shops and the vintage clothing and record stores on every corner.

If I lived here, I'd be in love everyday.

While the highlight of my trip was visiting the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibit (post to come) I loved strolling through the majestic McGill campus, and pretending that I was a hopeful, bright eyed 18 year old again. As per usual, I took a million photos. Below is what made the cut.


Rula's Apartment

Un Petit Gateaux

My favourite place

Sisters and their java


Sleeves are not for summer

McGill Campus

The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

Float On
Hippest doggy bag this side of town