June 5, 2011

The Summer Shift: Fabrics, Brunch, Dogs, Spikes & Flowers

Once summer creeps up, little things change. 

Suddenly, no one wants to be swaddled in thick knits and nurturing yarns. The warmth and security of the extra layer peels off and what's left is a different type of being, a freer one. There is the luxury of leaving the house without a jacket, or telling your socks you're breaking up with them for a couple of months. Recently, as the coordinator for my first major PR media event, I chose to wear a silk-cropped blouse with a bright bird print. The colour vibrated positivity and lightness, which is exactly what a worrier like me needed on a big day.

The on-set of summer also makes me miss my dog Bailey. Yeah I know blogging about your dog isn't cool but I don't care. I've been known to bend over in skirts, dresses and heels in my condo elevator to greet any sort of dog. I usually nod at the owner, hoping that they know that I am also in love with a furry thing. I hope to steal B soon for a weekend and introduce him to my new city life. We'll have a wild time.

Beyond dogs, I am the proud owner of an orchid, a housewarming gift from my sister. Every morning I sit by the orchid while eating breakfast and think to myself that if you don't take care of beautiful things, they will die. To treat an orchid you must first drown it with water and then let it completely dry out, until you can soak it again. These days, I've been event hopping, brunching, city shopping and my old after work coffees have been replaced with post- work drinks or dinners. My life seems to be overflowing right now, but I know one day soon it will balance itself out.

Until then, I better get used to the flood.

Silk bird printed blouse
Strawberry waffles at Le Petit Dejeuner
Bailey (Bilu)
Pepsi Throwback Tweet-Up Event
Studs & spikes at the Evan Biddell trunk show
Mel's orchid


  1. Mmm I love studs and spikes :)

  2. hahaha I love that you wrote Bailey (Bilu) lol

  3. love your blog have always been a strict follower, when you have time can you check mine out please Thanks a lot xxxx Keep up your amazing work.

  4. So jealous you went to the Evan Biddell trunk show!How was it?
    Love the post!

  5. Thanks all!

    Tarah -trunk show was low-key but it was a good party.

    Daisy - I did check out your blog, great stuff!