June 14, 2011

Medium Magazine Launch

Are magazines dying? Are we just a touch, click and tablet away from obliterating the classics known as paper and ink? Will our children look back at the traditional magazine the same way we look at a record player?

These were the questions I asked myself as I attended the launch party for Medium Magazine at the Thompson Landry Art Gallery in the Distillery District.

Medium is "Canada's first beauty and fashion based interactive tablet magazine." The monthly magazine is downloadable (free of charge) on any iPad and allows the reader to interact with the content. For example, if the reader likes the shoes in a shoot, they can tap on the model and the model will spin around, and information on the product will appear. It reminds me of the Harry Potter portraits when the person in the photograph comes to life. (Apologies to all the non-Harry fans who missed this reference.) 

Overall the event was fantastic with delicious drinks, horderves and branded desserts. I'm obsessed with the gallery space and wanted to take every piece of art home. As I left, I realized that I'm not ready to declare that print is dead. I feel there is room for both as long as the content is stimulating.

So congrats to Medium for a successful launch! You can find Medium on their website or follow them on Twitter here.


  1. don't you look cute!
    And our children will most likely be looking at paper books and think to themselves "what are those?". I guess that's what you get for living in a digital, technology-is-everywhere world.

  2. I love both. I really enjoy my Kindle, but nothing can compare to print.