May 16, 2011

Something Blue - Not A Model Photo Diary

My cousin Diane is getting married in June and we celebrated her bridal shower last month. It was a departure from the usual Sunday brunch fare with a cocktail party on a Friday night instead. As a bridesmaid, I was on camera duty for the night. I didn't mind, as I find staying behind the lens is the best way to capture the little details and sneak some cookies when no one is looking.

The gifts - umbrellas at a shower? How fitting. I'm obsessed with my new clear dome umbrella, and with all the rain this month, I don't know how I managed without it for so long.
The Shoes - something blue, something Lou.
The bride-to-be - beautiful is an understatement. Imagine on her wedding day? 
The treats - It is a tradition at Italian bridal showers that close friends and families make cookies and treats for the event. Check out the spread below. Everyone got a hefty box to take home and I was a cookie monster for days.

The sis - I think we look more alike when my hair is straight. Well, I sure as heck would love to hope so.
My dress - I will forever be in love with this dress. It reminds me of my day at the Portobello Market in London where I bought it. Oh, and the 'one-size-fits-all' tag means I'll probably be sporting it when I'm 85.