May 10, 2011

On Moving Out - From suburbs to skyscrapers

What would you do with 3 hours of your life back?

This is the question I ask myself as I have finally made the big switch from the suburbs to the city. After months of talking about moving, searching for a place and drinking my body weight in commuter espresso, it finally happened. 

This past week I was a mess. The first morning I realized I didn't pack spoons so I couldn't eat cereal. I tried to open a can and couldn't figure out how to use my roommate's IKEA can opener, even though she did a full demonstration the night before. The other day, I went to work and left my wallet on my bed. I said to my co-workers, "Hmm...I may be falling apart. I lived away for 4 years at university and yet somehow, I can't get it together?!"

There are also moments when I think of my family and dog all together in my old house and I get a little bit homesick. Cue the Full House sap song. I tell myself that people are continents away from their families and I can see mine with a hop over a highway. It's all part of growing up, I tell myself.

But wait, did I mention that I can walk to work in 5 minutes? 5 minutes! With the move, I have more time to sleep, write, exercise, socialize, live, breathe, relax and just be. I already love living with my roommate Farah who is superwoman and can assemble anything while simultaneously finding me the perfect belt to punch up my outfit. Oh, and I also inherited a cat (Horton) who has decided to fall in love with me and my bedroom. I already find myself leaving for work in the morning with a smile on my face and a hop in my step. I don't recognize my morning reflection anymore, I mean who brought the annoying happy girl?

Cue the musical montage. Look out city, I'm home.


  1. Congrats again to you and Farah! Although I am happy for you, I have to admit that I am sad you are no longer a 3 minute walk (or 3 second drive) away. BUT, I'm sure I will be coming to visit you more than you'll like! The girls and I did buy you a bed for us after all!

  2. 1) Kayla used to have an IKEA can opener and I could never make it work.

    2) We are neighbours! If that's the view from your condo then I live one building west!

  3. I'm so excited for your big move!! I can't wait to come see the new place and it sounds like you're already loving life in the city :)

  4. aww this is such a great read. I`m a suburbs girl myself, so I totally understand.

  5. Thanks all, it's been an interesting journey so far! Happy I made the switch.