May 26, 2011

For What It's Worth

It is easy to get seduced by the lavish, beautiful and frivolous but THINK.

We are supposed to enjoy looking at photos of gourmet cupcakes and pastel coloured macarons but we dare not eat them. Photos have zero calories, but what is the effect on our minds? Seduction comes in the form of a glossy image of overpriced heels, but no one ever photographs sore feet or a credit card statement. Will we ever be able to look at a cover of a magazine without seeing a person who hasn't been snipped and clipped?

We don't want to see real people struggling but we live to see celebrities failing. How many people can name all the members of the Kardashian family but can't name the governor general of Canada*? How many young girls and boys will grow up with florescent screens as friends? How many messages can we send without actually saying one real thing?

I'm not trying to ride some cliched high horse. I do covet pretty things and I sometimes believe they will make me happier, but the quest is always emptier than one that comes from the heart.

Search for something real. Critically analyze what you see. Ask questions. Ask lots of questions. Live for today. Buy nothing for a weekend. Turn off your phone. Surround yourself with people who make you feel amazing. Dispose of those who don't. You're better than that. Don't feel guilty. Read a magazine; don't just look at the pictures. Be a mentor. Go outside. Get healthy, not skinny. Eat the damn dessert if you want to. Listen to the voice that you created, not the one that you read about. Be influenced without being changed.

Above all, in every situation, THINK.
You were always you before the rest of it anyways.
*Kim Kris Khloe Kourtney Kylie Kendall Bruce Rob
David Lloyd Johnston
 *guess which one I had to google?


  1. I'm proud that you named every love keepin up!
    nice post

  2. Everything you just said is amazing. I love the part about not wanting to see real people struggling, but want to see celebrities fail, because it's so true. I don't, that's for sure. It breaks my heart every time I see something negative posted about Miley Cyrus, Britney Spears, etc. The media fails to treat celebrities like people. To me, they ARE real people.

    "Search something real"
    My reality is the mountains. Nature in general. It's life's true beauty.


  3. For the record, I can't name all the Kardashian's OR the Governor General lol. I love this post! You have a way with the words lady!

  4. Thank you all! Your feedback is cherished.