April 3, 2011

Texty Tips

I love freshly painted nails before a long week ahead of pounding away at a keyboard. This O.P.I marvelous magenta nail polish,"Do You Think I'm Tex-y?" is the perfect shade to use while your tips are getting some button action.

I'll admit that I like the convenience of being in constant communication with people. I like tweeting and reading e-mails and doing everything on my phone. I remember when I got my first smartphone in my last year of university, my roommates used to tease me because of my "addiction."

However, there is some etiquette that comes with the new light speed of communication. Rules like: keep your phone off the restaurant table, return a phone call or message in a polite amount of time, try to turn your ringer off while in public places, call if you're going to be late or cancelling plans etc. Sure, I've broken some of these rules before but I'll admit I don't feel the greatest when someone else does the same to me.

My mother has a cell phone, but never uses it. Instead of text messaging, she leaves voicemails when she's trying to find me or my sister. They are always the same slightly annoying, but always endearing kind that start with, "Hey it's Mom..." as if we don't know who it is. I assure her that the only other person who leaves me voice messages is my dentist. She is always appalled when my sister and I text someone a "Happy Birthday" or if we tell her how someone has sent an apology via text message.

When she was younger she used to sit on the kitchen counter and wait for my Dad's phone calls after his restaurant night shifts. She would make sure to pick up on the first ring so she wouldn't wake up my grandparents. Somehow they managed to stay in a relationship without the 17 forms of communication that we have today.

I tease her constantly for her old fashioned communication ways, but I also think she's onto something. I'm all for the instantaneous messaging but we all need to remember that behind that screen is a real person who twirls their hair around their index fingers when nervous or whose eyes change colour in the sunlight.

You see I'd take the sound of throaty laughter over a chime in my pocket, because we all know LOL is just a nice way of declaring, "I have nothing else to say right now."

Thanks to LangtonPR for the polish!


  1. I love the polish colour! And I completely agree about the "old fashioned communication ways", don't get me wrong I love getting tweets, texts, fb messages and emails at the tip of my finger but above all of that my favourite thing to receive is a letter in the mail! It feels so special and personal...even though its not face to face! I love it.
    Those are my random thoughts.
    Love this post!

  2. Thanks for the comment Tarah. I love getting mail too!

  3. It's sad to know how much we depend on gadgets. I don't know how I would hear about things if it weren't for my phone and the many functions it performs.