April 12, 2011

My Father's Words

Last week, I received an e-mail from my father titled, "Some advice..."

I knew what was coming. Lately, I haven't been the easiest person to live with. I won't list all the things that have been raising my stress levels, but after my long days it is clear that my parents don't get the best version of me.

My father is a mentor and great friend to many people both professionally and personally. People gravitate towards him because of his bright personality, intelligence, humour and positive attitude towards life. After reading his simple e-mail, I was touched to say the least. I felt guilty for being a troll to the two people who will always stick by me, no matter what.

I won't share the entire e-mail as some of it is personal, but I'd like to share some things that I think are helpful to anyone who is trying to balance it all. Some of it is common sense, but when I lose perspective, or when I'm under a lot of stress, "sense" seems to be the first thing that goes.

The words:

Be yourself in your own skin and do what turns your crank... we all need to follow the "rules" in corporate life, or working at a coffee shop so money is a means to an end. It's better to be "broke" and happy than rich and sad or directionless. 

Find joy in the work you do every day. Soak up the learnings and adjust to any constructive feedback (those who take feedback as an opportunity to improve do the best in their careers and life)

Stress is a killer! Get centered and balanced. Laugh more. Walk more. Eat smart. Tame your schedule. Get good rest. Cut down your commuting. Go to church more often. Find inner peace.

BE INCREDIBLY POSITIVE by taking 2 minutes per day to tell yourself why you are grateful. 

Stop thinking about time passing you by and put more life in the time you have. 

"Nothing ventured, nothing gained" Seize the moment and get energized about change. SHOOT the PUCK!

Every great journey begins with but a single step forward.

So thanks Dad! If I end up like you in 25 years, I'd consider myself lucky.


  1. I absolutely love this and needed to read it, especially this week! Great mentoring words, your father is a wise man!

  2. Savino is the wisest man alive! This is absolutely adorable. The e-mails I get from my dad go something like this:

    Hey Chris,
    Tell mom I'm going to be home late.

    yaa...sad lol

  3. Shoot the puck!! haha that's a classic Dad line.

  4. Amazing. Sav should write a book...

  5. Thanks everyone! My Dad is fantastic. I'm lucky.