March 20, 2011

Paris Fashion Week - Not A Model Travel Diaries

When booking the Paris part of our trip, I realized that we were going to be in town for Fashion Week! I was beyond excited even though I knew the chances of actually getting into a show were slim.

The interesting thing about Paris Fashion Week is that it is very easy to track down the schedule. They post the designer and venue location online so anyone can show up at the shows. Nisha and I thought it would be fun to check it out, so we headed to the Palais de Tokyo for the Barbara Bui show.

The place was packed with photographers, journalists, editors, models, bodyguards and important clipboard wielding PR people. I stood and watched as probably the most fashionable people I've ever seen walked by with their elusive black card invitations into the show. Editors wearing high heels as thin as a piece of raw linguine stomped past and I felt a tinge of jealousy. I would love to be invited to a show, not only as a guest but as a writer.

While waiting, I spotted Scott Schuman, aka the Sartorialist from afar. It's funny that I wrote in my pre-travel post that I hoped to see him. Anyways, I tried to go up and say hello, but by the time I got through the crowd he vanished. I told Nisha it was probably for the best as I would have been quite embarrassed if I introduced myself and he never asked to take my photo.

I also saw the infamous Grace Coddington. If you've ever watched The September Issue, you'll know she is the brains behind Vogue. Her trademark red hair was impossible to miss. While I hate snapping photos like a terrible paparazzi, I managed to get a decent one but still would rather not post. So we waited with a crowd of stylish people that looked as if they stepped straight off the runway, but they only let a few extra people in.

Even though we didn't make it in, it was still quite the experience. While we had the location of the next show, I told Nisha to forget it. I decided that I'd rather spend the day doing more sightseeing than waiting around. One day, maybe I'll waltz in with my black invitation in 5 inch heels with my bright Smythson notebook, but for now I wanted to soak up some Paris sunshine and buy another buttery baguette.

Up next: Portobello Market


  1. interesting head piece on that man lol

  2. He would not smile at anyone's camera! Well, I did catch him smile once when a cute older man stopped dead center to take his photo, but even then it was just a smirk.