March 10, 2011

Not A Model Travel Diaries - Parisian Possibilities

I'm hesitant to admit that I don't melt into a blubbery blob over Paris.

I mean what kind of person does that make me? Paris is the kind of place that can conjure up breathlessly romantic and whimsical images or ideals even for people who have never paid a visit. It's the idea that everyone can fall in love in Paris, everyone is beautiful in Paris, everything is more perfect there etc..

The last time I was in Paris, was about two summers ago after my university graduation. My best friend and I got tragically lost and almost Taken (note: I shouldn't have watched that movie a week before my European departure). While lost, and late for the Moulin Rouge with no contact information to get back, and a few eager men trying to help, I kept waiting for Liam Neeson to turn the corner and save us with his ninja powers.

Anyways, that was then.

Nisha really wanted to visit Paris and I obliged because it's Paris and just like any old flame, you want to give it another go to see if you can make it work. You believe in the beauty, even if you weren't really in love the first time. So we hopped on the train and in about the same time that I could get to my university town in Canada, I was in France. 

And then it happened. My hesitation to swoon slowly softened. There were a number of factors that contributed to my fall:

There were the grand buildings with their iron balconies and lion head brass door handles. How about the bakeries that are consistently and gloriously stocked with fresh pain au chocolat croissants and buttery, crispy baguettes? We indulged in delicious Nutella crepes and cups of thick, steaming hot chocolate. We skipped lightly down the Champs-Elysees and said a prayer at the Notre Dame. The brightest coral roses I've ever seen, in abundance on every street corner entranced me. On the city train a man played his accordion and when the music filled the space, I felt like I was in an old movie.

You know like in those old black and white films where the woman dramatically punches and pounds on the man's chest resisting his declaration of love until she finally gives in? 

Yeah, kind of like that.

Up next: Paris Street Style & Fashion Week!


  1. I love that train track picture! And I'm one of those people with no desire to rush over to Paris. Ya, sure, one day I will be there but there are other places I want to get to first.

  2. I told you Paris is awesome. I would go back time and time again.

  3. Ooops - anonymous is me - annemarie!!