March 8, 2011

Not A Model Travel Diaries - Notting Hill

I am obsessed with Notting Hill.

After a long flight (screaming baby, weird co-passenger) from Toronto to London, my journey left me lugging my overpacked suitcase, with a busted wheel at 4 a.m. (Canadian time) to meet my dear friend Nisha. By the time we arrived in Notting Hill where our hotel was located, I was feeling all the emotions of arriving in a new place. I was excited, sleepy, apprehensive and buzzing with energy of being halfway around the world on my own.

As I walked through the neighbourhood, I was overcome with the thought, "Hey, I wanna live here."

Perhaps it was the homes painted in the colours of Lucky Charms or the vintage boutique shops on every corner, but it grabbed my heart and didn't let go. Sure, the area is known to be quite pricey with its white stucco stately Victorian townhouses and famous outdoor market (more about that later) but it's also welcoming and cozy. It doesn't throw its money in your face but instead the glamour just casually hangs there, like a classy aunt who has millions of dollars but still wears the same old knitted sweater at every occasion.

The most I knew about N.Hill before visiting was the 1999 namesake movie starring Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant, where Roberts gives the worst speech in rom-com history. However, just like Grant fell for Roberts, I think I may stand in the street and recite the same speech, but instead changing it up a bit to:

"I'm just a girl standing in front of a house asking it to love her."

Julia Roberts: 0     Not A Model: 1

Sorry for the delay in posting, I've been jet lagged and trying to get back into my regular routine. Expect a new post from each of my favourite stops.

Next entry: Let's Be Tourists & Paris Rendezvous



  1. looking at these pictures I want to live here too! The little townhouses are so cute and colourful!
    Have so much fun! excited for your next paris rendezvous post

  2. Aside from the fact that you knocked the best romantic comedy of all-time... Congrats on the trip, this looks like a blast

  3. Julia Roberts: 0 Not a Model: 1


    and next time you go to Notting Hill I'm coming!