March 13, 2011

Not A Model Street Style - Paris

I really wanted to take a street style photo while in Europe, but for some reason I was completely afraid to ask someone. I didn't really understand why I was suddenly so shy to take a little street style photo when I've approached complete strangers on subway platforms before. Yet for some reason I let every single person I wanted to approach pass me by.

It's a split personality thing. I can be the boldest of people when I want to be, but I can also be this shy, scared little person at other times. My other insecure half is like that annoying friend who shows up unexpectedly at your doorstep and you have no choice but to invite her inside.

On our last day in Paris, I spotted a girl who I thought would be a good pick, but once again let her pass by. I casually told Nisha and she insisted that I finally just do it. I gave all the usual excuses, But she already walked by, I'll find someone else, I don't have to do this.. etc. But then the voice in my head said, What are you so afraid of?

When I couldn't think of a good enough answer, I got up. As I walked away Nisha shouted, "Guts!"

I walked and walked and just when I was about to turn around and give up, I saw her at a street light. I marched right up to her and asked if she spoke English. When she said yes, I told her about my blog and that I liked her style and asked if I could take her photo.

Her face completely lit up. I don't know why I thought her reaction would be otherwise. Her friends watched as I took her photo and when she walked back to them they all bombarded her with questions.

I ran back to Nisha feeling completely weightless and giddy. I realized that sometimes the possibility of rejection is not a good enough reason not to do something. I made someone's day and that's a pretty darn good feeling.

So without further delay, below is the beautiful Mia from Norway. I loved her top knot bun, bold red lips and giant cocktail ring. I hope she kept my card and finds this post!

Note: This week I ask you all to make someone else feel good or help them out. Last week, Japan was hit with a tragic natural disaster. It is always the eye of tragedy that shows us that our fears are  microscopic and even foolish in relation to what some people have to go through. Life is short so don't waste one minute stuck inside your own head.

Not A Model says so.

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  1. i love her coat, shoes and nail polish too!

    she's a great pick for street style!

  2. I know, she was so beautiful and friendly to match. I'm glad I chose her.

  3. Hey, Amanda! It's me on the picture, just thought I'd tell you that I've seen it :)I Love your blog and I'm so glad you asked me!

  4. So happy you found it Mia! Thanks for the kind words! :)

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