February 9, 2011

13 Not A Model Thoughts

1. Quit knocking yourself. Insecure people are equally as annoying as cocky people. 
2. Everyone should take their own advice.
3. No one really cares how tired or stressed out you are.
4. It's not about sympathy, it's about empathy.
5. EVERYTHING is better offline. 
6. Confessing your undying feelings for someone, in the rain, while crying only works in the movies.
7. Same thing goes for chasing someone down in an airport and interrupting vows at a wedding ceremony.
8. If it hasn't happened by now, it probably won't.
9. If that depresses you, do something about it. The only place you should put up with waiting is at the doctor's office. 
10. You're richer than you think.
11. Wait, #10 is the Scotiabank slogan.
12. If you have grandparents, pipe down and listen to them. They are the closest to knowing the secret of life.
13. Scratch that, there is no secret.


  1. great post! Very witty... yet its hard to admit that it's all so true! I think I'll use some of these tidbits of advice today :) Thanks for the insight.

  2. I have this particular post wrongly blunt. This makes it sound like you think the world is a horrible rough, no love place! And that if you aren't secure or successful yet you won't be. You have young readers who really look up to you and take your advice this really what you want to be telling them?
    For example:
    3. No one really cares how tired or stressed out you are.
    I care a lot when the people I care about are exhausted and stressed...and I do what I can to help them.

  3. I can clarify some things for you anonymous:

    -This wasn't so much of an advice piece, as more of a list of open-ended thoughts I had. It definitely isn't a 'hard and fast' rule list to live-by

    -As for the stressed out comment, I meant it in the sense that most people are just as tired and stressed out as 'you' are, instead of complaining try to understand that it is a universal feeling. This doesn't mean that I don't care when the people I know are going through tough times. It was more of a reminder to tone down complaining.

    -I do think the world is full of love, and I don't think it's a horrible place at all.

    -If you are not successful yet, work your hardest to get there. Don't sit around and wait for things to happen to you, go out and get them. Whether it be finding out if the person you're interested in likes you, or going after a dream job. I believe you must be proactive about your life.

    And to anyone out there who reads and takes my advice seriously, I hope they don't just blindly follow what I say because I say it. I hope people pick and choose what resonates (or doesn't) with them.

    I hope to always inspire any young reader who comes across my blog!

    Thanks for the feedback.

  4. Amanda,

    Do not justify yourself to anonymous. He/she is just hurt by the truth.

    You did not make life sound horrible, rough, or loveless. You made it sound realistic- and I think that's anonymous' biggest problem.

    you shouldn't lie to yourself and believe you actually care when others are stressed or exhausted. Those aren't good reasons to complain in the first place. It would be different if a person you care about is hurt/ill/etc.

    ... if you're stressed and you can't deal with it, quit your job, drop out of your program, or get rid of expenses... if you're exhausted, go to sleep earlier or start and exercise regime.

    I love you.

    El Gato

  5. I agree with El Gato, your post is simply realistic and that is what I loved about it. The world isn't about rainbows and butterflies, and if that is the world "anonymous" lives in, tell me how to get there! I think your post stresses not harping on the little things in life and to look at the bigger picture. Stress is stress, everyone has it, it is a part of life. You can either let it consume you or you can learn to deal with it. At the end of the day, for 99.9% of the world hard work is what gets people places. Opportunity doesn't just randomly come knocking on your door, you make your on opportunities.

    Keep writing, and don't let oversensitive readers get you down because those of us in the real world totally agree with what you say.

  6. Same anonymous again...I would like to thank you Amanda for clarifying what you meant. I'm an avid reader of this blog and love every single other post you have ever written. I think you are immensely talented, I really do.

    El Gato, I'm not hurt by the truth, you don't know me so please don't judge me.

    I don't live in a world of "rainbows and butterflies" believe me, I know the reality of life and what horrible and amazing cards it can hand you. So please don't patronize me in that way. I agree everyone has stress, it is a part of life. At times everyone is oversensitive Christina and if you aren't "tell me how to get there".

    Amanda, I was probably in a crabby mood when I wrote my first comment. But after having you explain a little further I do enjoy your post. Perhaps I read it in a different tone than what you had intended it to come across as. Seriously though I do love your blog.

  7. Thanks for the follow-up anonymous. Good to know my clarification helped. I'd love to know a first name though :)

    As for the response comments, sometimes people can get defensive on my behalf and I appreciate all the support as long as it isn't offensive. I know everyone's heart is in the right place. Let's try to stay positive here people.

    Thanks for reading everyone!