January 3, 2011

Shiny & New

The first day back to the grind after the holidays is always the most challenging. I came back from New York on Sunday with a camera full of photos and a clear mind.

After the holidays, shopping in mass department stores or large chains doesn't really appeal to me. I love discovering little unknown shops or browsing through outdoor markets in a new city. Below are my favourite new purchases...

Write me: I fell in love in a little paper shop in SoHo called Kate's Paperie. I'm smitten with my new colourful Campo Marzio notebooks. All three together cost less than one Moleskine.
EYE LIKE YOU: While I'm not too superstitious, I do love adorning myself with things that are said to ward off evil. My sister and I bought matching malocchio bracelets from a jewelery market. Ask any Italian grandmother and she'll explain to you the significance of wearing the eye.
LUCKY CHARMS: While I do believe you make your own luck, I couldn't pass up this Marc by Marc Jacobs wishbone necklace. The Greenwich Village store was one of my favourite stops and it cost less than those notebooks. Yes, I know.
Carry me: The last time I was in J.Crew I bought this tote. This time I decided I might as well start my own collection. As for the bow hair-tie, I purchased it from the cutest store in SoHo called Brandy Melville. Wait till you see it in my pony. 
Sometimes it's the little things that make us feel new again.

Have you noticed I changed the Not A Model banner logo? I think it looks more clean and crisp. Here's to the first week of 2011. xx


  1. nice pics. nice banner. nice purchases.
    I'd like to be back in NY already, first flight out tom?

  2. loveee the look and what you bought!

  3. I've actually read several times that people who own good luck charms are statistically more successful than those who don't believe in there you go! Now you don't have to feel bad about the price it an investment in your future;)

  4. Thanks for the comments! I miss NY already.

    Liana, I didn't know that. I definitely feel better about my charms ;)

  5. You inspired me to look for the Marc Jacobs necklace online - which I did, then promptly bought :)

  6. That's amazing Shannon! It's such a good deal, it's hard to pass-up. I love mine.

  7. Hi I love the items, and Marc Jacobs xx