January 9, 2011

The Riddler

Did Clair Huxtable marry Cliff because he made her laugh or because he was a doctor? 
Why do birds keep falling from the sky?
Do I really want to know the answer?
 When will I read the newspaper without feeling sick to my stomach?
Why can't I ever understand how football works? 
How many more days until I can run outside?
Why did my parents allow me to smoke those Popeye sticks?
How can you be with someone who doesn't like the same music as you? 
What would you listen to on road trips?
Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?
Why is this post filled with so many pop-culture references from my childhood?
Is it possible to have it all?
What will be the best day of my life?
Will the next generation give a damn?
When will I stop asking so many questions?

A: Never. The moment we stop seeking answers to questions, no matter how superficial they may seem, is the moment we stop living.

And I believe Clair married Cliff because he was a hoot.