January 11, 2011

24hr Champagne Diet

Is there anything more cliche than wearing sequins on New Year's Eve? Probably not. Did I let that stop me? Definitely not.

I bought this sequined, bat-winged vintage top from my new favourite thrift store Pretty Freedom located in Kensington Market in Toronto. While vintage shopping can be tiresome, I didn't have to dig once at this place. Instead, I had to narrow down my choices because of all the amazing finds. I kept the shirt on a hanger on my wall as decoration for a week before I left for New York because it was just so sparkly.

Don't you wish everyday was bubbly worthy?

Note: Our hotel room isn't that messy. We just threw some things around for added effect. *Ahem...*


  1. love that outfit!!!


  2. too bad I have experienced being your roommate and know things first aren't fooling me! haha

  3. I am awful at vintage shopping bc I hate digging through things but that top is gorgeous! I'd definitely like to check out that store! Happy 2011! xo

  4. great top, and great blog!

    thanks for giving a little more joy to the world (to make up for the sick-feeling-making newspaper stories).

  5. love the top dipaq! although you always make anything you wear look good :)