December 12, 2010

Where Is My Mind?

Not A Model's thoughts:  
  • Why is it so easy for children to believe in Santa Claus, yet so hard for grown-ups to believe in the simplest of things? 
  • Has a child ever said, "When I grow up I want to sit at a desk all day?"
  • Where do all the candy canes go after the holidays?
  • Is it ever acceptable to tell a stranger that there is something in their teeth? 
  • If the biggest rush I received last week was from a new shoe purchase, what does that say about my week?
  • When I look back on my life, what will I tell my grandchildren? 
  • Will any of the people I've met make history?
  • I wish I could be breathlessly inspired daily.
  • What is the difference between Tuesday and Wednesday?
  • Why do we value youth and beauty over everything else?
  • I'd give up the chance to meet any famous person to sit down with my grandfather one more time. 
  • How many people do we sit across from without feeling a single thing?
  • I always wonder if the person sitting beside me on the subway is happy.
  • Can happiness be transferred to others like the flu virus?
  • It scares me how easily I can become attached and unattached to things.  
  • Are we all just in love with ideas?
  • I want to create, rather than consume. 
  • If we knew that people could read our minds, would we edit our thoughts the way we edit our conversations?

    What's inside your head?


  1. Nice post!

    You get an 'A' for critical thinking. most people are surface thinkers, but you penetrated deep into meaningful thought... like a rapist! ... from this day forth, Not a Model will known as 'the thought rapist'.

    here's what's inside my head:

    there's 3 categories of people. (1) the person who awaits some epiphanic journey or discovery of what happiness is; (2) the person who has a single perception of happiness, and seeks it based on what he or she believes are "objective" means; and (3) the person who thinks happiness can't really exist in this world.

    They are all wrong- and will all inevitably be unhappy forever until they die.

    The point is, finding "happiness" is emphasised way too much. It's as easy to find happiness as it is to find sadness. The problem is that everybody is way to fucking negative.

    If everyone would just look at the glass half full rather than half empty, they'd find their happiness. There is no such thing as the worst situation. Shit can always be worse- and you have to be thankful that it isn't.

    Happiness isn't relative either. People don't understand this. You can't look at your neighbour to determine whether you are happy or not... this might be a tough concept to grasp, but it's worth thinking about.

    So to answer the fifth- from-last question:
    No, happiness cannot be transferred. You have to be happy with yourself- because of yourself.
    What CAN happen, however, is that someone's happiness can inspire another, but only if the "inspiree" is willing to be happy on his own merits.

    ... in hindsight this is probably very easy for me to say because of my inherent awesomeness; but again, that shouldn't discourage others from being content with their unavoidable less-awesomeness.

    Ps. i'm really busy with laundry... so i might not post on this blog again for a while.

  2. What is the difference between Tuesday and Wednesday?

    In my mind, the only difference is Wednesday is closer to Friday and even though it is the most painful day of the week, once its over the rest of the week flies by.

    Why do we value youth and beauty over everything else?

    We value youth and beauty over everything else because as humans we are selfish, shallow people. Now, people may say "I'm not selfish", but they are wrong. No matter what we do, we are always getting something in return. We help out someone who is less fortunate, which is great, but in the end we aren't altruistic people. When we help others, we feel better about ourselves, which means we are getting something in return. So basically even though we don't want to be selfish or don't think we are selfish, in reality we are so it is not surprising to me that people care about beauty and youth more than other real issues.

    My thoughts:

    Why is "Anonymous" always pretending he does laundry?

  3. I would comment on every single one of your thoughts if I could. I'm such an over thinker (thank you, philosophy degree)....

    I liked this one the best:\"I'd give up the chance to meet any famous person to sit down with my grandfather one more time."...agreed. I'd give anything to sit down with my dad one more time...

    and p.s--if a stranger ever told me something was in my teeth, I'd buy them a coffee in appreciation;)

  4. Thanks for the comments! Much appreciated. Great insight.