December 16, 2010

Not A Model's Holiday Outfit Pick: The work party

When you're sipping Prosecco on the 54th floor of the most posh restaurant you've ever been cordially invited to, you must dress the part. At the holiday work party, you want to bring your most polished self forward, without looking too stuffy or too sexy.

Try an eggshell lace shirt to mimic a snowflake and a black fitted skirt with patterned tights to stay seasonally appropriate. Add a rough bicycle chain necklace with pea sized diamonds to add sparkle, as if you needed it anyway. Lastly, boots the colour of an elephant's ear switches up the colour palette and gives you height to climb that corporate ladder.

Since it takes way more work to 'pose' in a photo, I decided to get creative and think of other ways to show off an outfit. My sister thought I was taking 'next day work outfit planning' to a whole other level. Definitely not. 

Shirt: Olive and Oak
Skirt: My mothers
Necklace: XX1
Shoes: Tommy by Tommy Hilfiger

Not A Model asks, What are you wearing this holiday season? 


  1. I am having a work party outfit dilemma! please come help me! And please shrink your feet so we can share shoes!

  2. Adorable! Based on my work environment/Christmas party venue the majority of us wore black but weren't afraid to break out the sequins! I wore black tights, platform lace-up booties, a grey and black print skirt, black top and black sequinned jacket. I was nervous before but happy that I made it through my very first corporate Christmas party!

  3. Love the shoes my dear!

    Happy holidays :)