November 11, 2010

Charmed, I'm Sure

Charm is a tricky character.

It crawls up your back like the hands of a well trained masseuse and instantly creates a sense of comfort and intimacy. It makes you feel giddy and inadequate at the same time. You can recognize charm early on as a child on the playground, or you can see it in that person who works the room at a social function.

Charm yanks down your guard fast, like the moment you slip in the shower and take the entire curtain down with you. With little time for reaction, it is only after when you're wrapped up in a plastic sheet, that you realize you've been swindled. 

I'm not charming.

Sure I may be outgoing or easy to talk to, or maybe even endearing but not charming. I'm a little awkward, and don't always have the right thing to say. I often trip when walking down the street, or stare too much at strangers. I skip days of makeup and I'm addicted to ponytails.

Some people are better at piling on the shiny and always showing their best self in all situations. I both admire and loathe people who are can rely solely on their charm and never let that fear show. However, I'm always left wondering what these people are really hiding.

Everyone has layers, even those who are better at covering up than the rest of us.

Be yourself. Don't try to gloss over everything. Come to terms with the fact that not everyone will like you, no matter how hard you try. Search for the genuine, realer than real, better than breakfast-in-bed truth of other people. 

Only then will you be able to tell charm to find someone else's socks to steal.

Speaking of layers... 
Credit: my favourite photo girl Stefania Sgambelluri. 
Scarf: pashmina
Sweater: H&M
Belt: vintage
Boots & Bag: NYC purchase

We have a new project. Stefania and I will try to do mini-photo shoots each week when we meet up during our city work days. These shoots will last under 10 minutes and will test our creativity and nerves. It will leave little time for analyzing or thinking, and instead cause us both to just act.

So on days when I come home exhausted, I will already have some photos to work with on the blog. Stay tuned readers, I'm still here. xx


  1. luuuvin that outfit!!! good call on the photoshoots, i personally love blog photo shoots and ur photographer is really good!!!

  2. Love this post...couldn't have been written better :) Love the Better than Breakfast in bed line. You also look great, as usual! xo

  3. I too am a victim to ponytails, no makeup, and awkwardness. I couldn't be charming if I tried lol

  4. totally adore this outfit!! great boots!!

  5. Ugh, skin on the back of my neck makes me gag. I love ponytails!! I just had a whole conversation about charming people and their hidden insecurities with a friend the other day. Working for a restaurant has meant that I've been lucky (sarcasm) to deal with charm and schmooz way too much than I'm comfortable with. Great post!

  6. What brand is your boots? Love them!