November 21, 2010


No one wants to make-out with a piece of sandpaper. When the harsh winds try to pierce through the piled on layers and meet our soft flesh, there is one area that always suffers the most: the lips. My new favourite: Jack Black Intense Lip Therapy SPF 25 in Lemon and Chamomile. Not only is it made from natural ingredients, but it doesn't shine or stick (perfect for both men and women) and it smells unreal.

When it comes to cancer, education and awareness are key. October was Breast Cancer awareness month, and November Movember is prostate cancer awareness month. I always find it inspiring when I see courageous people finding a way to spread awareness and education about cancer in an engaging way. 

My friend Claudia (the beauty in yellow on the right) was featured in a documentary called 'I Don't Have Time For This.' The documentary tells the story of five Canadian women who were diagnosed with breast cancer in the prime of their lives. I watched it on the W Network and was inspired by the strength of these women. It was an eye-opening look into a disease that people may assume only affects older women. The doc is now available to watch online. Check it out here: I Don't Have Time For This 

On another note, while mustaches are not my favourite facial hair accessory I let it slide during the month of November. Movember is a great cause for men to get involved with, while looking super creepy or dapper depending on the grooming. Some creative dudes I know created a video and song to create awareness about the disease. Check out: Do A Little Mo and try and donate before the month ends! 

These days nice gestures are easy to show electronically, whether through a text message or e-mail. I'm old school. I'm a sucker for handwritten notes or fresh flowers. One of my best friends Pell gave me a card over the weekend to celebrate my new found full-time job status. I was simply touched. Thanks girl! 

Not A Model says...  
1. Protect your lips
2. Get inspired by real stories. Donate to great causes.
3. Do something sweet and kind for someone you appreciate in your life that doesn't involve merely hitting [send]. xx 

[photo credit 1 & 2: Jack Black & W Network] 


  1. Thanks for the lip tip lady!
    I am headed south soon and will definitely need to pick up some SPF care for them :)

  2. Finally I can throw away the Vaseline that I coat my lips with constantly for something that actually works!

  3. I'm glad I'm not the only person who gets creeped by moustaches...and where can I get that lip balm?