October 13, 2010

Once A Year Is Not Enough...

It is easy to be grateful for one day.

To feel your heart swell with happiness as you sit with loved ones and share in stories, warm food, and laughter. It comes effortlessly because these moments are beautiful and familiar. These moments and memories repeat every year for the fortunate families who choose to honour them. This year's Thanksgiving was bigger than ever (with new additions to the family) and double the meals celebrated on both days.

While the feasts were magnificent, this post is for what happens in the weeks and months after.

Be Grateful:

...even when the turkey has been gobbled, the gravy has been drunk and the pie pans are soaking in the sink.

...even when family and friends get back into their routines, and it takes longer to be in the same room again. These people are always there, regardless of busy schedules.

...even when it's easy to scowl at the rude person serving you coffee, or the person who shoves by you on the street. You don't know their story.

...even when life disappoints you, brings you down and steps on your face to keep you there. Learn the lessons, and be thankful to have a harsh teacher.

...even for the boring days, and the stretches of time where nothing seems to change, or happen at all. You don't need a tragedy to appreciate them.

...even for the moment right now, that you can read this, hopefully safe somewhere, waiting for the next best thing to happen.

...even that the next best thing hasn't happened. It allows you to believe in something, strive towards something and understand the present moment.

Whatever those dreams may be...

Be grateful.
[Little's 1st Thanksgiving, perhaps his first piano lesson by cousin A]