October 29, 2010

Not A Model Photo Diary - II

Dress up because it's that time of year where you can pretend to be someone else, and it's completely accepted. Just for a day. Can you guess who I am?
Lead the way.Sometimes you'll find yourself in a pack, blending in and getting lost in a cookie cutter. Find a way to get noticed, be yourself and pound the pavement. 
 [LG Fashion Week 2010 BASCH by Brandon Dwyer] 

Challenge yourself like the time I decided to make pasta from scratch. About two & a half hours later I was left with a kitchen, camera and phone full of flour...and my family ate it in 10 minutes. Still worth it. 

Find beauty. Sure you can flip through a magazine and find a pretty person, or you can go for a walk outside, or better yet take a look in the mirror. Yeah I'm being cheesy, yeah photos of flowers are a cliche, but seriously take a look at it. 

Not A Model says... have a great weekend! 


  1. haha how can you not know who you are in that picture lol so cute! And we shall have a GREAT weekend!

  2. Notice when my purse obsession started...
    you should make more pasta, gnocchi this time.