October 21, 2010

Not A Model - Men's Style

Meet Daniel.

Daniel is like no other family friend my parents force me to be polite to. I've known him since I was a little girl, and my sister and I cancel plans if we know he's coming by. He can pick the perfect bag for you, gives great dating advice and dreams of running the streets with me in NYC. He can bust a move to Single Ladies and holds his own in any social soiree. 

He said it best over dinner recently, "Everyone should be like a rubik's cube, complex and colourful."

His sense of personal style is always spot-on and can never be duplicated. He's a natural in front of the camera, and while he's modeled before it's his spirit that makes him special. Check out those combat boots, baby.

Shoes- Wayne Cooper
Pants- Extinct
Sweater- Topman
Scarf- Mayday Market


  1. Daniel's the best ever!! although you went to Fresh together without me tonight. We will pay a visit to Snakes and Lattes soon. tres excited.

    You rock that Single Ladies dance and those combat boots!
    ps- what a "hot mess"

  2. I love it when men aren't afraid to be trendy!