October 1, 2010

Happy 1 Year Not A Model!!!!!

365 days ago, I started something.

I can't believe Not A Model was launched exactly one year ago today! It all started with an idea that despite looks, height and bone structure we can be whoever we want. My first post titled, "Greetings Non-Models" still encapsulates the direction I wanted this blog to go in.

I still believe that, "If you are healthy, driven and confident you can do just about anything."

A year ago I couldn't imagine how far blogging would take me. I remember being afraid to share my writing. I thought, "Who the heck would want to read about what goes on inside my head?"

While this blog hasn't reached the pinnacles of other blogs, I am extremely happy with the results. I've learned a lot about myself and my readers along the way. It has provided me with an entire new community of people who I look forward to interacting with.

I want to thank each and every one of my readers (new and old) who read religiously, or just stop by here and there. All of your eyeballs, comments and page hits (we've hit over 22,000!!!) are appreciated.

I asked my sister to bake a little something for the occasion. I wanted to get her back into baking, since she hasn't made anything for months. Our kitchen has been held hostage under renovations, but she's also been going through a tough time. I was delighted when she told me she had this whole idea beyond a cupcake. If you read Not A Model often, you know how talented my sister is when it comes to baking and home design, but she is also the sweetest, greatest person who deserves nothing but happiness in this life.

*Drumroll* please, this is what she created:

Amazing right?

Thanks again to all my readers, you keep me writing!

Remember: Not A Model is a state of mind, live it, embrace it, be yourself! 


  1. congrats on the one year mark! crazy how fast time flies. you should be uber proud, miss!

  2. Not A Model and I have the same birthday!! What a fabulous day!

    Happy birthday Not A Model!

  3. Happy one year!!! Congrats sweets!

  4. Congratulations Amanda! I'm so proud of you for not only getting the guts to start this, but to continue it! I love that your blog gives me a way to see and support your passion. Here's to another year, maybe more! xo

    p.s. Mel, everything looks delicious as always

  5. Wow, your sister is the cutest ever! Congrats on a year of courage and creativity :) I can't wait for another year of posts from you!

  6. happy 1 year anniversary! :) and mel, YOU STILL OWE ME CUPCAKES FOR THOSE SPINNING CLASSES YOU FORCED ME TO GO TO!!!!

  7. Thanks for all the sweet comments! I'm excited to continue the journey! xo

  8. Great blog western!!! keep it up!!!!
    To another year that will hopefully be even more successful!

    ps. "If you are healthy, driven and confident you can do just about anything" ...i couldn't agree more

  9. Wooohooo... CONGRATULATION! That´s really something! ;-D

    Keep up the good work girl!

    Hugs from
    A Shopaholic is loose

    "Drop by anytime..." ;-)

  10. congrats dipaq!! your blog is fantastic and I am absolutely in love with your witty and insightful blogs. Keep up the amazing work :)

  11. Congrats on making it to the 1 year mark! Looking forward to another year of great posts :)

    P.S. I have that Ikea duvet cover!