October 11, 2010

Book Worms & Music Monkeys

Reading and listening to music are two of my favourite pastimes.

Somewhere along the lines of tweeting and every-book-is-now-a-movie, reading lost its cool. I'll admit I read a lot and I don't discriminate. I read everything from chick-lit to the classics. I get excited when I can have a conversation with another person about a book, and not the I-watched-the-movie-version type of conversation. Yes, I just wrote that.

When it comes to music there is no need to provide a long-winded explanation. It is definitely uncool not to like music. I always gravitate towards people who have similar tastes in music as I do, or who can 'vibe' with me in my car or at a concert.

Anyways, monthly, I want to start sharing book and music recommendations. I've done both before, but I haven't shared much recently.

Not A Model book of the month: One Day by David Nicholls

One Day was my favourite book that I read this summer. It follows the story of Dexter and Emma who meet for the first time on their last night of college. It is written in a very unusual way. The book continues, with each chapter jumping one year from that very first day. For example: Chapter One starts on July 15, 1988, Chapter 2 is July 15, 1989, and so on.

The book follows their journey through adulthood and focuses on how life unravels after college. The writing is engrossing, the characters are real and I couldn't put it down. The ending will surprise you and the whole experience will leave you thinking about growing up and the decisions that are made along the way.

Not A Model music picks of the month:

These picks have nothing to do with what's current or 'right now'. My picks will reflect what I like, or how I feel at a present moment. Most of the stuff I write about, I've probably been listening to for months, or years even. If you've already heard these, forgive me. If you haven't, perk up those ears:

For those who prefer a real man's voice: The National are one of my favourite bands. The rough, dark lyrics and deep voice of lead singer Matt Berninger can soothe any bad day or fluttery romantic whim. Try: Afraid of Everyone or the classic: Slow Show 

For those who wish dance music had words: I watched Miike Snow, a three-person Swedish band in Toronto months ago. The concert was a full out dance-party-mind-trip. If you need music to exercise to, relieve stress or just smile about, I'd give them a listen. Try: Animal

For those who are a sucker for a duet: Angus and Julia Stone are a brother and sister duo from Australia who produce music that is a little bit folk, and a lot of heart. Their voices are calming and the soft beats are grab-a-cup-of-tea-and-daydream-beautiful. Try: Big Jet Plane

Let me know if you like any of my picks! What are you non-models listening and reading these days?


  1. I definately want to read that book!

  2. t's a story one would read and sigh, and as you approach the inevitable end, feel a different sense of warmth wash over you, and one may find oneself showing an appreciative smile.